The Process

We focus daily on the production process which represents the highest priority for our company. We often manufacture complex fittings with very tight tolerances that we must make repeatable over time. For this reason, we implement and follow a procedure-based system.


Control, as the element that guarantees a good job, is the primary aspect in our process.

Both during the beginning of production and then cyclically throughout the entire duration of the process, controls are carried out with the appropriate tools: from the three-dimensional measuring machine to the bench tools.

Fast fixing equipment allows us to reduce control times to the advantage of productivity.


Details are treated with the utmost attention.

Normally, we eliminate the residues of the cutting fluid with a wash after the last processing phase and this ensures that halos and stains are not generated after the treatment.

Where necessary, we use an ultrasound machine to make the detail free from any impurity even in cavities that are difficult to reach.


The parts are visually checked one by one to ensure compliance with the requirements and the absence of marks.

Deburring occurs through an automatic or manual processing cycle or with the use of machineries. In some cases, the barrel can also be used.

Treatments and painting

We manage the phase of surface treatments such as Surtec, electroless nickel plating or oxidation through our suppliers who already know the critical issues of our components.

After the treatment, details (by sample or according to specifications) are always subjected to visual or dimensional checks and in specific cases, we perform an additional cleaning of any remaining impurities.

Special attention is paid to pieces subjected to special painting.


We perform small assembly operation if requested by the customer.


We provide the customer with a packaging service in accordance with his specifications.


We are organised to ship items, also daily.