The Production

We manufacture small and medium size mechanical components, mainly in aluminium and stainless steel with a high level of finish, not just mechanical but also aesthetical. We are also able to provide plastic components (Peek, Pom, Pmma etc) thanks to the partnerships with specialized suppliers in this field.

The production is carried out with 5- and 3- axis machining centers, equipped with modern equipment in order to reduce the set-up time and improve competitiveness, reducing the costs for the customer.

We have a capacity up to 700 mm.

DMG’s 5-axis machines allow us to carry out critical machining, ensuring the compliance with the dimensions of the drawing and the geometric precision of the piece.

A Favretto tangential grinding machine with a working space of 1300 by 400 mm, allows us to achieve a high degree of finishing where necessary.

A robot integrates the daytime production with a nighttime shift that does not require a direct monitoring.

We established long lasting partnerships with external suppliers that allow us to manage manufacturing overloads that we cannot satisfy internally or specific machining that require machinery we do not dispose of.

However, we remain the only partner for the customer also for the external processes.